Billions of people have little or no access to energy.

Billions of people have little or no access to energy.

World Panel is changing that.

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Our Mission

Energy for everyone under the sun™.

Everywhere, the world around, people use mobile devices to connect, conduct business, manage their livelihoods and create community. This is the next frontier for smartphones, social media and digital content. This is the “new normal” for global society.

But there is a barrier standing in the way of this “new normal.” It’s an energy barrier, which profoundly limits mobile and digital engagement. Users are at best tethered to a wall plug, and are at worst subject to expensive and inconvenient charging options. In all cases, World Panel seeks to level the playing field of energy access for mobile device users.

SunStream™ provides an energy-enabling solution that will bring the promise of mobile engagement into every willing life, around the world.

There is no worldwide web without worldwide electricity.

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The World Panel Story

Made In the USA. Built to last.

Our customers have our highest respect and deserve world class quality. World Panel products are made at our factory in Colorado, USA. We provide a global gold standard for reliability and guarantee that every World Panel product is made to last in the harshest real world conditions.

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