Introducing Sunstream™.

Introducing Sunstream™.

Mobile Energy. Problem Solved.

Mobile electricity.

The world’s most efficient and durable micro-solar panel, and we have a patent to prove it. SunStream™ instantaneously converts sunlight into electricity and delivers it to your feature phone with a 99% efficiency throughput rate. This means that it uses fewer materials to create more power and significantly lowers the cost.

The SunStream™ originated in Africa as a solution for reliable energy access for mobile devices. It is built to international solar standards and made to last in direct hot sun or wet climates, while continually streaming electricity. It is so ruggedized that you can place it underwater and still charge a phone.

Simply point the handheld panel toward the sun and plug in a device to stream electricity.

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for feature phones 

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for smartphones and tablets


Powers phones and devices

Impact resistant

Waterproof & submersible

Charges some phones in up to 2 hours

Get more from your SunStream™


Store electricity from the sun.

PowerStream™ is a portable companion battery designed perfectly to be charged by SunStream™. Once filled up, it can charge your phone day or night at your convenience. It is engineered with a bright LED light that will produce 24 hours of light on a single charge. Works great for Apple iPhone users too.

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Double your panel power.

Connect two panels together with a PowerLink™ cable and double the power output. Makes charging phones and tablets go faster by combining the electricity of two SunStreams.

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1 Meter USB Extension Cable

Our 1-meter cable is extremely useful when streaming electricity from the sun. This extension cable gives you more space to stretch out in the shade while your SunStream™ is in the sun, or place the SunStream™ on your roof.

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