Revolutionary Technology

Revolutionary Technology

Highest Performance in the Harshest Conditions

Breakthrough patented technology, born out of necessity.

The patented science behind SunStream™ enables the panel to circumvent internal chipsets and PC boards that are notorious for breaking on typical solar chargers.

Actively bypassing these weak components with our proprietary photovoltaic technology substantially extends the life of the product, increases power throughput, and lowers costs.


Power matters when charging a phone and certain products match or exceed the charging rate of a wall plug. Some phones can be charged to full bars in up to 2 hours. 

Water Submersible

What is most impressive is its resilience in water. Many users are exposed to wet climate conditions and require products to work when wet. SunStream™ is made to meet this need and is the only technology in the world that can stream electricity underwater or while soaking wet without failure. 


The overall quality of World Panel is world class. It is built to meet international solar panel standards for reliability and construction which assures long outdoor life. The panel has a shatterproof glass face and is drop tested up to two (2) meters. The polymer case is UV stable and has thermal characteristics so that it stays cool to the touch on the hottest of days. 


The SunStream™ and SunStream Plus™ feel like a phone in your hand. They are made to fit in your pocket or bag and are easy to carry with you wherever you travel. 


Sustainability is the core of our technology. With use, the SunStream™ will recapture all of the embedded energy used to make it and become a carbon offset. Using the World Panel technology has a positive environmental impact. 


World Panel is built to meet USB charging standards for 5-volt devices. It has a USB dedicated charging port (DCP) that makes it easy to plug in a device the same way you would plug into a wall adapter. It is the first technology in the world that combines international USB standards with international solar panel standards.

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